Carrière professionnelle détaillée en Anglais





Management of start up, microbiology / microelectronic 10 years
Product Marketing ASIC & CAD 12 years
Design / ASIC (PMOS, CMOS, ECL, SAW, etc…) 4 years
Engineering 8 years
Aerospace mechanical 6 years

Set-up operations including QA, commercial activities and administration including accounting
Launching: new products, new services, new activities
Internet sites and shops preparation
Excellent business and technical expertise
Excellent communication
Prefer PC, Windows, MS Office, Mozilla, WordPress…



MANAGEMENT (10 years)

Feb. 1999 to Aug. 2001
MetalUrba (Aubagne-France)
Urban furniture (automatic bollards, barriers, etc..)
Set up the Quality Assurance service
Preparation at the conformity to ISO 9001 rules
Coordination of the production, planing
Coordination of all the services of the company
Data processing equipment maintenance (hard/software and net)
Started « Export activity » and the Field Service department

References: Guy Occhipinti, Laurent Casavecchi
Supervisor: Thierry Nicoloff (Boss)
Why I left? The Boss sold his company after a fast growing of the net
sales and need of cash. (New boss, new management)

Sept. 1995 to June 1997
Co-Founder and President
ABD Technologies SA (Aubagne-France) – Biology/immunology
Industrialization and marketing of the « Vacci-Test », an innovative productfor medical diagnostics developed by « Institut Pasteur de Paris »

Customers: Hospitals, private laboratories of medical analyses
Competitors: None (innovation)
References: Patrick Judd, Marco GIROUX (Montreal)
Supervisor: The shareholders, mainly Len Speer (Canada)
Why I left? Not enough cash, I closed the company

July 1991 to March 1995
Co-Founder, Administrator and Director
IBS Diagnostic (Aubagne-France) – Biology/bacteriology
Manufacturing and marketing culture media for Bacteriology.
A new concept and a product of substitution for the medical diagnostics

Customers : Private or National laboratories of medical analyses
Supervisor: Claude GUENAIS (President and main shareholder)
Why I left? mission completed

April 1988 to June 1991
Director of the Holding
SoFinTech (SOciété de FINancement de TECHnologies)
About 20 financial & technical surveys
in order to buy companies or to launch new companies

Supervisor: Claude GUENAIS (President and main shareholder)
Why I left? to start myself the new subsidiary « IBS Diagnostic »

Feb. 1989 to March 1995
Co-founder and Director
MIKASOBE (Aubagne-France)
New technology for Jewelry, application of the maskmaking technique.
Very small company just existing for the feasibility and a marketing survey regarding an innovative product.

Supervisor: Claude GUENAIS (President and main shareholder)
Why I left? prototypes finished and marketing survey completed

1979 to 1981
Co-founder and General Manager
Custom Integration International (EVRY-France)
First private and merchant French company designing semiconductor custom integrated circuits(ASIC).

References: Jean Marcel Lagorse, Jean Polard, Daniel Legal
Why I left? Not enough cash, I closed the company



April 1988 to June 1991
Product Line Manager
Nanomask (ROUSSET-France)
Starting new activities of mask manufacturing for Integrated Circuits.
Dupont De Nemours bought Nanomask in 89 and got 40% of the European market of mask manufacturing

References: Jean-Jacques Loonis, Jean-Claude Alicari, Thierry Capelle
Supervisor: Claude Barre
Why I left? New shareholders, new management

Sept. 1987 to April 1988
Regional sales manager
Domino-Young (Rambouillet-France)
Industrial ink jet printers
Restructuration of one difficult commercial region (Alsace-France)

Supervisor: Alain Young
Why I left? Temporary job waiting to be back in semiconductor

1986 to 1987
Product Marketing
C.a.r.m.e. (BORDEAUX-France)
Application and Research Center in Electronic Microscopy
First private lab. launched to develop the « Scientific Police », my action was to develop the new « Electronic » activity.
Quality analysis, failure analysis of electronic components and more especially Integrated Circuits ( Standards and Customs)

References: Loïc LeRibault, Philippe Lambert
Supervisor: Philippe Trias
Why I left? not enough market, too early for that application

1981 to 1986
Product Marketing – ASIC (gate arrays, custom design, CAD)
Thomson Semiconducteurs (Paris)
Starting the new activity « ASIC », for civil applications
Definition, specification of the « Civil » products and services
Set up CAD equipment, customers training courses (internal and external
customers), assistance, marketing and sales tools
Determination of the costs
Elaboration of the short term marketing strategy

References: Marc Lassus, Christian Marc, Francis Carassic, Pierre Cottin, and also Paul Mirat, Yves Thorn, René Besama, Jacques Noels, Carlo Zanni
Supervisors: Georges Grunberg, Jean Michard, Zenik Horbowy
Why I left? After the agreement Thomson/Oki, I was not interested by the new products and all the potential problems of production.

1977 to 1979
Product Line Manager Europe – CAD for ASIC
Computervision – Bedford / Mass.(at the Paris subsidiary)
CAD systems for the application integrated circuits. Technical support of the existing customers in Europe
Training courses for the new customers or when new software release

References: Michael Reed, Jim Arthur, Jerry Shields, Jamie Riis
Supervisor: Patrick Alias
Why I left? to start my own company, using the same CAD system



1973 to 1976
Integrated circuits designer
CIT-ALCATEL (Nozay-France)
Custom design (PMOS, NMOS, CMOS, ECL, CCD, SAW)
Designer of the first integrated circuits of digital telecommunications. Starting the activity « custom integrated circuits » using a of CIT-Alcatel, using a Computervision CAD system (Cadds2)

References: Angelo Digiovani (G.I.), Alain Dantec,
Supervisor: Jean-Louis Lagarde
Why I left? My experience in Custom Design interested the company supplier of the CAD system. They have offered me a better salary.



1971 to 1973
Industrial draftsman – Mechanical of electronic equipments
ALCATEL-Transac (Nozay-France)
Design of a card reader for a distributor of bank notes, a self service gasoline pump, an intelligent display for airline ticket reservations and one badge reader.

References: M.Thévenet, M.Christolomme, M.Malka
Supervisor: M.Pin Claret
Why I left? Very limited possibility of evolution

1964 to 1970
Industrial draftsman – Aerospace mechanical
Centre Spatial de Brétigny, division « Satellites », section « Structure »
Mechanical structure of the first Franco-US and the first French artificial satellites. Also schematic, p.c.boards, wiring list, etc…
I worked on the satellites: Diamant 1 and 2 – FR1 – EOLE – METEOSAT

References: M.Alain Provost, M.Jean-Pierre Causse, M.Charles Bigot, René Angrand
Supervisor: Joseph Briot
Why I left? No more budgets for the space research, no more satellite, no work to do. I left.



– BEPC (Arpajon-France – 1961)
– CAP Draftsman, specialty: general mechanical, (CETDI/PARIS – 1963)
– « Diplôme de Projeteur Mécanique Générale » (ITP/PARIS – 1966)
– Mechanical and electronic engineering (Conservatoire National des Arts
et Métiers – Paris – 1965/1970)
– Integrated Circuits Design: in house training courses / Alcatel
– Computer Aided Design: in house training courses / Computervision
Santa-Clara (CA) and Alcatel Nozay (France)
– Marketing: in House training courses: COMPUTERVISION (US & Europe)



Nationality : French
Date of birth : 17 december 1945
Married, 1 child
Blackbelt in Judo
I like classical music, cinema, car races, rugby, journeys

Updated: 17 January 2011